Digital Impressions / iTero

Digital impressions, specifically utilizing iTero technology, have revolutionized traditional dental impressions by employing cutting-edge scanners to capture highly accurate 3D images of a patient's teeth and gums. At Evans and Vendelis DDS, PA, we use this non-invasive and comfortable process to eliminate the need for messy impression materials, offering an efficient and precise way for our dentists to plan treatments, create restorations, and communicate with patients.

iTero's advanced digital technology enhances treatment precision and streamlines workflows. It improves patient engagement by allowing real-time visualization of digital impressions, marking a transformative shift in the dental industry toward a more patient-friendly and technologically advanced approach. 

The Advantages of Digital Impressions with iTero 

Comfortable Patient Experience 

The days of enduring trays filled with impression material are a thing of the past. Digital impressions with iTero in Cockeysville, MD, involve a non-invasive, comfortable scanning process that eliminates the need for traditional, messy molds. 

Precision and Accuracy 

iTero scanners utilize cutting-edge technology to capture highly detailed and accurate 3D images of the patient's teeth and gums. This precision ensures that dental restorations, aligners, and other treatments are tailor-made for optimal fit and effectiveness. 

Efficiency in Treatment Planning 

Digital impressions allow instant visualization of the scanned images on a chairside screen. Dentists can immediately assess the scans, collaborate with patients, and efficiently plan treatments, reducing chair time. 

Streamlined Workflow 

The digital nature of iTero impressions facilitates seamless communication between the dental office and dental laboratories. Digital files can be transmitted electronically, expediting the fabrication process for crowns, bridges, and other restorations. 

Improved Patient Communication 

With iTero technology, dentists can visually communicate treatment plans to patients in real time. This interactive approach enhances patient understanding, fosters engagement, and builds confidence in the proposed dental procedures. 

The Digital Impression Process 

The iTero scanner is brought close to the patient's mouth, and our dentist in Cockeysville, MD, initiates the scanning process. The scanner captures detailed images of the teeth and soft tissues. The scanned images are instantly displayed on a chairside screen, allowing the dentist and the patient to visualize the digital impressions in real time. 

If needed, adjustments can be made immediately based on the digital scans. This collaborative approach ensures that the final treatment plan meets both the clinical requirements and the patient's expectations. Digital impression files can be effortlessly transmitted to dental laboratories or other specialists, eliminating the need for physical molds and reducing the turnaround time for restorations. 

Digital impressions with iTero technology have revolutionized the dental landscape, ushering in a new era of precision, comfort, and efficiency. For the best dental care tailored to your specific requirements, visit Evans and Vendelis DDS, PA at 9727 Greenside Drive, STE 101, Cockeysville, MD 21030, or call (410) 628-0086.


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