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June 20, 2012
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We started an incentive program for our younger dental patients in January 2012.  Every child that has a perfect dental exam (no cavities) is entered into our Cavity Buster's Club.  At the end of the month one name is selected randomly out of a  jar.  To date our winners have recieved tickets to the Lyric to see Eric Carle, The Hungry Catepilliar,  gift cards to Regal Movies  and Target gift cards.    On occasion,  I have been known to enter children's names that did have a cavity.  I felt that they should be rewarded for the hard work it took them to get their teeth filled.  

Now that it is summer,  its even more important to watch your children's brushing and flossing.  Foods high in sugar if they are frequently consumed will cause cavities.  Those that remain in our mouths longer have a higher potential to cause the decay process.  Therefore, the duration is worse then the frequency.  During the hot weather, our children crave cold, sweet drinks and treats.   As a mom, I know how hard it is to constantly tell my children "no, you can't have a snowball, there is to much sugar" or  'ice cream, you just had a freezee pop"!   Instead,  we honor Fun Friday!  My children are allowed to pick one (awful) treat, usually they get a ring pop or a push pop.  I think the three of them know that this is the ultimate in bad choices and that is why they get it.  They also know  that sugar is now feeding the bacteria in their little mouths to produce acid,  which causes cavities.   As a dentist mom, I cringe the entire time they are eating that junk  and kindly (ha) remind them that when they get home they have to brush their teeth.  I do have to uphold my responsibility of both the bad guy dentist and the mom--poor children.    

So, when your children ask, again, for those high sugar treats, remind them about Drs. Vendelis and Evans' Cavity Buster Club.  Maybe, just maybe, they will opt for an apple with peanut butter!!  Have a great summer and enjoy all of the precious time we have with our children!



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